Week 2

My initial goal for Week 2 was to Improve upon the script structure. Improve upon the fitness function. Make sure there are no failures with PROPER data.

The script being at the moment still only a theory is coming along very slowly. I made some breakthroughs. Created a test sample and improved upon it. Calculated theoretical fitness and calculated and defined practical “rating by feel”.

Day 1 : I spent the entire day playing golf and came home too late and too tired to think about programming. No entry.

Day 2: I spent the entire day attending a seminar on “Rhetorics” by profesor Jan Preucil. I came back from Prague in the evening and did not do any programming. No entry.

Day 3: I transfered the test sample to a script in MS Visual Studio and started creating a testing enviroment around it. I came up with a solid base of various “failing” samples and one supersample, which is rated at 100.

Day 4: I played some with the Fitness function. Worked a bit on the algorithm. Got stuck pretty hard.