Day 4

I wont lie. I didnt do much on Day 4. We went for a walk with family and to see a really rare flower called “Zmijovec Titánský” – “Amorphophallus titanum” – “Titan arum” in local botanic garden.

This strange flower (link) comes from Sumatra and is very rare. It is being grown in several Botanical gardens around the world and supposedly it is so rare, that each garden only has one flower at each moment. Our botanical garden is in Liberec (link) and it is a 120 year old botanical garden, the oldest in Czech republic.

The flower blooms only several hours a year and since every garden has only one, it is very difficult for it to grow seeds since there is no other to donate the pollen. Luckily this year the management obtained pollen from California and our Titan now has fruits. Half of them will go to California. The rest allready has a long waiting list, all around the world.

The thing on the picture below is roughly 2 meters long, the flower is hidden underground, weighing around 500 Kgs. Enjoy one of the rare sights on Earth.

Titan arum with fruits in Liberec.