Day 3

This was a not so much productive day, as i had a night shift at work. I did some brainstorming on a whiteboard we have at work and made some issues clear. For my fitness function to work, there need to be constants that are making some of the attributes more or less important. The constants must be either static, or dynamic to account for number of doctors in a sample. One low priority constant should in any number of doctors probably NOT overrule a more critical constant. On the other hand it should make an impact.

There are two ways how to compute the Fitness function result. Either a cummulative number from all doctors in a sample or present the lowest rating among all the variables and all the doctors. Anyway the next step will have to be a spreadsheet with proper constant relative values. These will have to arise by trial and error or by at the moment unknown technique.

Photo of my whiteboard


So while the board doesnt contain any revolutionary ideas it builds upon the thought, that the fitness function variables probably can not be equal.